On Friday 1st of March, I took Willow for her last vet appointment.  I thought it was going to be the following week that Willow would give birth, I actually thought that would be day 56. Smaller dogs tend to give birth around day 56, 63 days is the average though and could even go to day 72.   
I went to vets to have one last scan for her to make sure everything was ok. Better to be safe than sorry! I know scans aren't cheap, they are £90 a pop so that's why we only had two. One at the beginning and one at the end.  If anyone is wondering we are with Companion care ( pets at home ) They are great! No problems so far.

As soon as those little pups were on the screen my heart melted, I couldn't wait to meet them. The vet broke the news to me that she will be definitely popping before the following Friday, I was shocked because I worked out when they mated and tied which wasn't even 56 days yet but she told me they must have done it through the night without me knowing.  It is the weirdest experience when their genitals get tied together for like 30-40 minutes. So weird! You just have to leave them seperate on their own though.
The puppies weren't pre-mature or anything, they had healthy strong heart beats and looked the right size! I was so shocked because I was so sure of the dates. They must have done it through the night a few days before! Doh! 

So, all of a sudden, I had so many emotions going through my head, I was so nervous and terrified to tell the truth because I knew I was going to be the only one there with Willow as she was giving birth. I had never done this before or even witnessed a dog giving birth. ( in real life ) I just kept hoping that everything goes smoothly and Willow will be ok.  

Tuesday 4th March.  Willow started ‘nesting behaviour ‘. Which basically means she was ruffling up her blankets trying to make a safe place for the puppies. She started doing it a little bit in the morning and through the day time but proper went for it and wouldn’t stop at the night time. Her temperature also dropped by a degree. So I knew the next day at some point she will be giving birth! I put her in her whelping box ( just a big cardboard box with towels in it ). I wanted her to sleep in that for the night, I was so nervous I kept checking our IP camera throughout the night that we set up just in case she would give birth through the early hours of the morning. It was a waiting game. 

Wednesday 5th March.  I woke up in the morning to find the whole kitchen filled with poo and wee! Lot’s of it! I knew straight away something was happening. What really confirmed it was that she was constantly being sick. Poor girl! Then she started panting a little bit and having contractions.  

I had a sudden panic, but then I thought RIGHT, it’s happening, man up and get on with it!  
All of my tools, gloves, towels etc were next to me ready. I had my mum on the phone to me whilst she was at work and my friend also on the phone to me. It was so scary; I wish I wasn’t physically alone but at the same time I think it was better for Willow for it to be just me and her.  She trusts me with her life and obviously her babies. 

I made sure I was massaging her back and belly as she whimpered a few times with the contractions. She then suddenly did a really big push and broke her waters! I shouted down the phone to my mum, oh my god, her waters have broken!  I didn’t really shout as I would normally because I didn’t want to stress Willow out. I heard my heart pounding so loud, started to get all clammy and nervous and I wasn’t even the one giving birth! LOL Just crossing my fingers that she would be able to push all of them out with ease and I wouldn’t have to intervene.  

Surprisingly Willow didn’t look or sound like she was in much pain, she does take pain really well and always has but blimey! She was a trooper. Wasn’t panting much either. Only at the very beginning she panted a few times. I started to see the beginning of the baby coming out. A weird looking blue sack. My mind instantly reverted back to all of those YouTube videos that I watched. A lot of them were horrible to be honest as the humans would intervene way too much. There were a couple of helpful ones though.  
I couldn’t quite believe my eyes, yes it was quite gross but it was also amazing. A little life was being born right before my eyes. I was feeling really emotional but had to keep it together! haha   


The first born was a beautiful black and tan pup! Which is surprising but then I remembered meeting Rolo’s mum and she was black and tan so it made sense. 

Willow knew exactly what to do, her amazing motherly instincts. I knew she would be an incredible mum that’s why I wasn’t worried about her caring for them. As soon as the first one came out she opened the sack, ate the placenta, bit off the cord and started licking the little pup until it was breathing properly.  As she was doing that I grabbed my squeezer pippet thing! Whatever it’s called haha and I sucked the fluid out of it’s mouth and nose then let her be.   After about 30 minutes, she started to push again and the other one came out with ease. This happened until the 4th. We call him mini Rolo because he looks just like him! This was when I got worried. The sack was hanging out of her vagina for about 15 minutes and it looked like it was filled with blood, it just looked different. It was basically stuck and I was preparing myself for a still born. I phoned the vet and after I refused to bring Willow to them, they sent out some nurses to come to my house.  

In the meantime, Willow got startled by a noise outside and barked her head off, the next thing I know the sack popped right back inside of her! My first thought was.... fuck. To my surprise it actually helped it reset. She started to push again and this time it was coming out nicely and looked totally normal! Literally about 3 minutes before the nurses arrived at the door, she pushed him out! I was so relieved. So I went to the door and told the nurses she literally just had the puppy, I asked if they wanted to come in and maybe checked the puppy was ok or whatever, it seemed totally fine but I don’t know, I’m not a vet! But they said no because they aren’t needed. Haha! Off they went.  

After the 5th puppy, I was still convinced that there was one more left inside of her. I kept feeling her belly I thought I felt something but I really wasn’t sure. I held out though, I knew to wait 2 hours and if not there probably wouldn’t be one left.  

1 hour 45 minutes went by, then what do you know? Willow started pushing for the last time. I was over the moon! So excited to see the last pup. It didn’t take many pushes for the puppy to come out.  And that was the end of her labour. She pushed out 6 puppies! Some big, some small. It was such an exhausting day for us. I was on that floor with her from 8.30am to 4.30pm. My back and bum took about 3 days to recover! Haha but it was SO worth it. I loved it; it was terrifying especially as I hadn’t done it before. I don’t plan on doing it again either! We wanted Willow to have the chance to have one litter and keep one of her babies.  

They are such beautiful souls; I love them all and it’s going to be so hard to let a lot of them go. 

We have 3 brown girls, 2 Black and Tan boys, 1 shaded red.

My biggest advice to anyone looking to have puppies, get clued on EVERYTHING. I mean everything!   

 - The signs of labour  
- What happens if something goes wrong  
- What tools to have on hand just in case  
- Have your vet’s number and make sure they know when your dog is in labour  
- Make sure you know if your breed normally need C-sections or not  
- After labour, if the mum dog is ok, signs to look out for if she isn’t  
- When to introduce the father dog ( normally around 4 weeks ) Willow won’t let Rolo see them yet.   

Things you need:  
- Buy a whelping kit ( tools, clamp, scissors, hand sanitiser, etc ) on eBay.  
- Buy a heat pad or heat lamp for the puppies  
- You need a whelping box  
- Plenty of towels  
- Thermometer to check if the dogs temp goes down by a degree or 2, ( which means they will be in labour from 12-24 hours after).  
- Make sure you know your dogs normal temp before checking.   

The most invaluable thing we have is an IP camera with sound. Get them cheap on Amazon. When the puppies are born it’s good to know if they are ok during the night. Willow has sat on them and has either been too tired to move or didn’t realise. They could easily suffocate so having an eye on them all the time on your phone is invaluable.  

I am still researching things now as the puppies are going to grow. It’s been 1 week exactly since they were born. The first few nights were so hard, I didn’t sleep and Willow didn’t sleep either. We were both getting used to everything. She has become so much more aware now that she has had them for a week. All of us are getting more sleep at night now. 

I hope you have enjoyed Willow’s birth story and the photos. 

I will be updating the blog with more puppy stuff soon!  

 Make sure you follow their instagram for more puppy photos.    

J x 


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