It's been a little while since I last blogged but I really felt like blogging today so here we are. :-) 

Since coming back from our epic holiday it's been difficult to get motivated again with my weight loss journey. Especially after trying all those sugary treats in America! Couldn't help myself. haha 

Hey, I was on holiday and wanted to enjoy myself! So that I did.  

I put on 4lbs when I went away but I'm pleased to say I am finally back on it and have lost the 4lbs I put back on plus another 4, so that's a total of 8lbs since being on holiday. Which feels great, granted it's taken ages but that's not the point. I'm going down and not up! 
I am also pushing myself to workout 6 days a week at the moment and do more cardio. Working out every day is definitely helping me want to stay motivated. Exercise just makes you feel great, move your body a little bit and see how much better you feel. 

So, you might be wondering if I am still doing the Keto diet right now and the answer is no not right now.  Why? because I am obsessed with fruit at the moment and fruit will kick you out of ketosis. 

I am still keeping the carbs and sugar low as much as I can, so in general i am eating healthily but i have a sweet tooth at the moment so I normally make myself a smoothie. I LOVE smoothies right now, they are great if you are really craving some sweet treats. Also, they are filling so win-win! 

If you're interested this is my normal day to day food that I eat right now: 


2 boiled eggs OR natural Greek yoghurt with fruit and tiny bit of oats for some crunch. 


Normally a salad without meat right now.  




Half a chicken breast and a pouch of steamed veg.  


Smoothie - I buy the frozen smoothie fruit from Aldi or just freeze your own fruit. Mix with tiny bit of squash and some water. Boom! 

I was finding myself not caring what I was eating again and to tell you the truth it scared me. I quickly realised that I was eating when I wasn't hungry and just because I was bored which is what I have been trying so hard to stop.  
But because I am conscious of it now luckily, I was like, err wtf you doing bitch?! SORT YOUR LIFE OUT LOVE. Don't throw all of that HARD work down the drain because you're bored? Wtf. 

Also, I was feeling quite low and depressed and the reason was because deep down I knew I was slowly fucking myself up again.  

Sounds silly but I follow some really inspiring weightloss transformation women on instagram so I was scrolling through their feed and it was helping me alot and to want to carry on. It was inspiring me and I suggest doing that if you struggle with motivation sometimes. Some 400lb women turn their life around and are now like 150lbs, if they can do it surely i can?! Must have been 10x harder for them than me, right?!  

You see, sometimes you just get so caught up in your own mind you forget where you were and where you were heading. Sometimes you need to just STOP. Look at yourself, have a good few words with yourself which is literally what I did by the way. I was like what the actual fuck is wrong with you. Stop being a total twat and get back on this journey of changing your life you fucking idiot. I know I sound like I am being harsh to myself but trust me it's what I needed. haha! 

And the truth is I would be a fucking idiot if I just chucked all of this hard work down the drain.  

I'm doing good, I feel like I am healthier and happier so that' all that matters. I am motivated and I have my goal weight for this month stuck on a sticky note on my monitor so that every day when I work at my desk I can see it right in front of me and not give up.  

I was the goal hitting queen before I went on holiday so I can do it again! 

You can achieve anything if you really want to. Never give up, there is no point in giving up because you're not going to get anything out of it. In the words of the inspiring Will Smith - 'Only do what is in your best interest.' 
Keep going!  

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