Dear Friend.

I photograph people in love and that's a really rewarding thing to do, when you freeze special moments in time between lovers, family and friends. It's magical. 
Something that is just as magical is simply making someone feel special. Making them see themselves in a totally different light and appreciating who they are and how far they have come. 
Making them step outside of their confusing bubble of thoughts for a few moments to let go and breathe a couple of deep breaths of fresh air. Laugh and giggle at my stupid voice and help them just be in the moment. Make their worries and unpleasant thoughts fade into the distance for a little while.  

My Dear Friend, 
Please, never lose sight of who you are.  
You're an incredible woman who has the strength to combat anything that gets in your way.  
Don't let people wipe their muddy shoes all over you.  Don't ever let the actions of someone else determine how you feel.  
Remember how far you have come and see how far you are going to go.  
You look absolutely incredible and of course I loved taking your photo.   
But it's not really about the changes you see on the outside.
It's about the changes on the inside.

he way you feel, the way you view life, the way you move, the way you see yourself.  
Now lift your head up high and remember who you are. 
Don't get lost in those unwanted thoughts anymore because life it too short.  Love, Jen x

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