It's taken me a long time to find a way of eating that I really enjoy and can maintain. This is a lifestyle change for me because I know how amazing it is for my body and it's making me feel like a totally different person, which I will get into more a bit later. 
I first heard about the Ketogenic diet a few months ago but I didn't really do it properly. I just wasn't sure if I was doing it right and was stilling in doubt that anything would work for me.  Now I have researched it so much I am super confident on knowing the benefits of what I am eating and doing to my body and I absolutely love it and have been seeing huge results in my weight loss and my other health issues. 

A lot of people call it the high fat low carb diet but it's not really 'high fat' for me.  
Simply because I have enough fat for my body to burn off so I want my body to burn my body fat instead of the fat from the food.  
I am eating around 20g of fat with every meal that I have, NO carbs and NO sugar.  
Lots of veggies and salad and moderate protein.  
It's really that simple. The only carbs you will get are from the veggies and they don't really count because you can have as much as you like. Apart from high carb veggies like potatoes which you cannot have at all!  

I honestly just keep it simple and mainly have cheese, full fat cream instead of milk (milk has sugar in it), eggs, meats, veggies and salad.   
If I want to make something sweet I just search on google Keto Recipe for pancakes or something. There is always a recipe! For sweetener I use Stevia. 
When I mention no carbs and no sugar to people they immediately think I am crazy or immediately think it's not sustainable.  Which it really is!  
What you have to realise is that it's a lifestyle change. This means I will eat this way the majority of the time and maybe once a month have a cheat meal or a cake or something. That will kick me out of ketosis but then I will just get into ketosis again after a few days.  
I prefer eating this way and my body loves it. 

The whole reason for this diet is to get into Ketosis.  
Ketosis is a normal metabolic process. When the body does not have enough glucose for energy, it burns stored fats instead; this results in a build-up of acids called ketones within the body. 
 I also have PCOS and this diet is perfect for it. It lowers my insulin levels and insulin resistance is what causes you to not lose weight.  
EVERY TIME you eat you spike your insulin and that’s why I only eat 3 times a day without snacking. Sometimes I only eat 2 times a day or once a day.  
Totally depends on how hungry I am.  But I make sure I get enough macros in that meal so I know I won't be hungry.  

The biggest reason my body is loving this way of eating is because I am doing intermittent fasting with it which helps with weight loss massively and is really good for your body. 
I usually eat within an 8-hour window and fast for a minimum 16 hours. I can go for 24 hours without eating now, it gets easier after the first week of trying intermittent fasting. Just stick with you, you will feel amazing.  
I do resistance training 3 days a week and do a few HIIT workouts here and there and some yoga. But mostly I am just watching my eating.  

Weight Loss 
Since eating this way I have noticed a number of changes, the obvious one is my weight loss. Last week I lost 7lbs in 7 days. Which I was pretty amazed by. Obviously on Easter Sunday I had a little bit of chocolate so I am on my way to getting back into ketosis again this week. 

I used to have REALLY bad psoriasis on my scalp and now it isn't causing me ANY issues what so ever. Honestly, it is INSANE. Since I have been eating healthy and following this diet it's not inflamed anymore.  

Bloating and fatigue 
I am not bloated anymore and no longer feel stupidly tired all the time. I have lots more energy throughout the day. 

I actually sleep THROUGHOUT the night now. I mean, FLAT OUT. I never used to, I was always awake and anything would wake me up. Also, now I find I don't need to sleep as much. I can have less hours sleep and feel energised. Whereas before I felt like I could sleep all day because I was constantly drained. 

This is definitely going to get fixed with time and when I lose more weight. Most women I have read about that have PCOS end up getting pregnant and having cycles again. I will update you when this happens... 

Just remember, everyone is different and everyone's body is different. Get healthy in a way that you know you can do and love. I remember I tried slimming world and hated it. The carbs made me feel like shit it was awful. But I know people that love it and who have gotten incredible results from it.  
Just do what you feel is right for your body. 

Currently I have lost 2st 3lbs (31lbs) since the beginning of Feb 2018. 
Over all I feel like a new person!  

I could honestly go into this loads more but I realise this is a long post already.  

To learn about the science behind it watch Dr Berg's Youtube Videos. He is awesome and I have learnt SO much from watching his videos. 
I wanted science and facts and that is what he gives you. 

That Led Zep top never used to fit me and now it does! :-)

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