We all have goals that we want to achieve but a lot of time we give up or slip along the way and then not actually achieving them or we just say we want something without thinking why we want it.
We have all been there!

I told myself I wanted to get under 16stone before I leave for holiday on the 30th April. Bare in mind when I set this goal I was 17stone 10lbs which was on the 20th Feb 2018. I knew it was possible to do but if I'm honest I didn't know I would do it with 9 days to spare.  
Now I am 3lbs away from a 3 stone loss, which is now my new goal to get to 42lbs loss before I leave in 7 days.

I want to share with you my tips for achieving your goals. 

SET GOALS THAT ARE IMPORTANT TO YOU  Think about why you want to set a specific goal and how will make you feel at the end of achieving that goal? How will it change your life? Write down everything positive you can think of to do with that goal.  
It sounds silly but if there isn't a REAL reason for it then you're not going to stick to it.

Really understand what it is that will make you happy. It could be anything.  
The reason I talk about my weight is because at the moment it's my biggest goal to get to a certain size and weight and to simply just stay healthy.  It's important to me and the most important thing I want to acheieve.


This might sound strange but it's really simple and it's what I have been doing.  A big goal is basically what you want your final result to be. For instance, my big goal is to lose 6 stone in total and to be a size 12. That's the big picture for me.  

To achieve that I am setting mini goals. I am setting a goal for myself to get under a stone at a time. So my mini goal now is to get under 15stone. Then next time it will be to get under 14 stone, and so on. 
 Those mini goals help you not lose track and not feel so overwhelmed. Saying the big goal out loud seems impossible and scary and feels like I will never get there. But setting yourself mini goals is so much easier and feels more achievable.  


This is SO important.  Looking back through my journal and myfitnesspal with the dates and weight that I have logged has been such an eye opener. It's made me realise that I can do anything if I put my mind to it and what I thought was impossible turns out to be SO possible! 

Track your progress, create a spread sheet, take photos, journal, track whatever you are achieving I promise you it will really help and make you realise that actually you CAN do this. 


Some people work well with deadlines, like me. Others work better with schedules and not worrying about the end date.

 Do what's best for you. If you know you work well under time pressure then set yourself one. I know I do, I set myself a date and know I need to get things done by a certain date. 

That's how I work best. If I know I have plenty of time to do something then I never really get it done until the last minute. 

I hope this has given you some motivation to set yourself a goal that is important to you. Just remember to not get fed up, just keep going because you will eventually get there if you don't stop. Every step you take helps your journey. 


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