These are really my essentials that I need on my desk every morning.  
What isn't normally true is that my desk is normally this tidy! 😉 haha  

My Morning Coffee 
Not a day goes by without my morning coffee. It is ESSENTIAL. All of you coffee lovers out there know what I mean.  

My Journal 
I want to go into this journey a little bit more in another blog post but I write it in every morning. I have done since my journey to a healthier life. It has helped me massively. This clears my head and gets all of my shit down on paper so I can see and not have to worry about certain things because it's all down on paper now. 

My Weekly Planner 
I write down what I have to do for the week. There is nothing on it because I ripped the top sheet off as it was a hot mess and also had coffee rings on it! Ha-ha 

My Laptop 
I check all of my emails on my laptop every morning.  

Yep, for me this is a morning ritual ha-ha! I watch some videos on YouTube every morning for about 10 minutes and then start work.  

Also I go on my social media and answer comments and messages. But I used my phone to take this photo! 

There you go, those are my morning desk essentials! 

Jen x

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