Budgeting a wedding can be difficult if you don't really know what you value.The key to budgeting is to know what is really important to you. You need to make a list like I have below, the first thing being the most important and the last being the least important. Realistically work out how much you can/want to spend over all and then work out how much you want to put aside for each part of the wedding.

We didn't really break our budget down because it wasn't a big wedding, we eloped so there was a lot less planning about how  we would spend our money. We did have a good idea though.

So instead we just set a maximum of how much we wanted to spend on our elopement which was 4k-5k.

We spent a lot less than that though! Which is always good. ;-)


We knew what was important to us so we made sure that's where we invested most of our money.

Our list from most important to least:


Obviously. We actually didn't even set a specific budget for photography, I just knew who I wanted and was willing to pay however much it cost!

If you really want good wedding photos or video then I suggest setting a big budget for this, whether you're elopeing or planning a wedding at a venue definitely don't try to cheap out on this.

If you're not so bothered then that's cool too! Although it hurts my heart a bit when I hear things like that! haha


This was really important to us and our second biggest expense. Again, we didn't mind how much it cost because we wanted the place to be perfect for us.

For most people this would probably be their biggest expense of the whole budget, venues aren't cheap. If you have a lovely big family home or garden that could be a nice option if you didn't want to spend thousands.


I wanted a nice bouquet and luckily I had a really talented friend who i worked with on a few shoots. She isn't a florist anymore though and she moved away.  But I loved my bouquet!

To some people flowers are the most important thing, but to me I did want a nice bouqet but probably wouldn't have spent loads on one because all i can think of is the flowers end up dying! lol And I knew I was going to leave the bouquet there and not take it with me.

Alteratively you could go for a cool button bouquet or broach bouquet. They look awesome and last forever.


The rings we bought off  etsy for like £100. They are silver and not white gold but they are really cute. I did originally want white gold, but I couldn't find anything really nice and quirky and also they cost the earth. Who knows though, we might buy new ones in the future.

I've known people to not even have weddings rings!


Honestly, this was the least important thing to us. We didn't want to spend a lot of money on clothes.
My dress was from simplybe for £100 and I loved it! I knew I didn't want a white dress, that would actually look vile on me and I just don't like white dresses on me. So I wanted to go for something different but COMFORTABLE. Being comfortable was literally the most important thing for me.

If you're like me and wanted something a bit different that doesn't break the bank here are a few online shops that sell really lovely dresses.

Needle and Thread  



Free People

Rue De Seine

My cardigan was from Ebay ahhahahaa! and shoes were from primark!  But it worked for me and I felt comfortable so that's all that matters.

Jon's waistcoat was from Asos and his shoes & belt were from Riverisland. Everything else he already owned.

Honey Moon

After the wedding we went camping in Scotland. Which was basically our mini moon! We originally wanted to elope in America but instead we are going on holiday there this uyear fro 2 weeks which is amazing. This holiday has cost more than our elopement by quite a a lot!

You may even want to spend more on your honeymoon and hardly anything on your wedding which is perfectly fine! Just do what is best for you and remember whatever is important to you then don't hold back.

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